Meet Chinese superheroes Spader-Man and Robert Cop

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05.04.10 23 Comments


Metro UK today has a great article about Chinese knockoff toys, which are supposedly a £300 billion industry.  More to the point, the descriptions of the products are priceless.  Haha, I love you, cheap, strangely-translated knockoffs.robert-cop-Large

As well as giving their creations ridiculous names, the counterfeiters play fast and loose with some of science fiction’s epic creations.
Darth Vader might have been the embodiment of evil in the Empire but nowhere in the Star Wars films does he moonlight as a traffic cop. The Joker and The Penguin can sleep more easily now that the Caped Crusader has been forced out of his traditional Batmobile and instead arrives at crime scenes on a pony with a pink mane (and he’s now called SilverBat). [Thanks to Charlie Bronze for the tip]

They also mention the Spider-Man knock off “Spader Man”, the Superman clone “Specialman”, and my favorite, Robocop’s brother, Robert Cop (I’d buy that for a few cents on the dollar). You may have noticed that I didn’t focus as much on the story’s money/industry angle, and that’s because I’ve always felt it’s not the job of government to police this stuff.  It’s the responsibility of the popular kids to ruthlessly tease the poor ones whose parents can only afford fake Air Jordans.  See, China?  That’s what we call progress.

Then again, I could just be saying this to protect my own livelihood.  I moonlight as a designer of Spader-Man toys.

He fights crime with passive-aggressive elitism.

He fights crime with passive-aggressive elitism.

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