Meet Ladybaby, Where Heavy Metal And Aussie Pro Wrestling Meet J-Pop

F*cking Australians.
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F*cking Australians.

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Here are some things I’ve learned about Ladybeard.

1. Ladybeard is a singer and pro-wrestler from Australia, now living in Japan.

2. Ladybeard performs a style of music he’s dubbed “Kawaiicore” – heavy metal covers of J-pop songs.

3. Ladybaby, Ladybeard’s new supergroup, features him and singers Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya. Their first music video features a track called “Nippon Manju” (“Japanese Bun”), an ode to their favorite things about Japan.

4a. The typical J-pop group – or idol unit – generally only features “kawaii” performers (or idols) – cute, cutesy costumed teenage girls singing peppy music.

4b. Though he’s definitely cute, Ladybeard is clearly not a teenage girl.

Honestly? I’m in love. Here’s “Nippon Manju” \m/

Here’s an interview with Ladybeard on Tokyo Desu.

Also, Metal Injection approves.

(What does Ladybaby have to do with porn? Nothing, I just love them.)

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