Meet Seltzer-Friedberg’s fans

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08.19.10 26 Comments

Every time I post a story about the near-universally-reviled, turd-making duo Seltzer-Friedberg, the obvious question is: who the hell sees these movies?  Now, thanks to this video from the Vampires Suck premiere, we have some idea. This is my favorite screen cap of at least the last six hours.

Dammit, Dad, what’d I tell you about borrowing my Fozzy Bear beanie?  Ugh, you’re gonna get it all stretched out.

Jeez, this is the worst Gwar tribute show I’ve ever been to.  I’m not sure they’ve even seen the original.

It was cool of the PR firm to give this guy something to do. This way he gets to make a few bucks, and he doesn’t have to spend the rest of the day in the park trying to f*ck his mannequin.

[Thanks to CHUD for the heads up on the video]

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