Meet The Man Behind So Many Celebrities In The Trailer For ‘Supermensch’

Shep Gordon is the nicest person that Mike Myers has ever met, “hands down.” That’s why the former Saturday Night Live star has made the documentary Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, so he can tell the story of the legendary celebrity manager, who has represented so many people, from Alice Cooper to Sylvester Stallone. Hell, he’s even credited with inventing the term “Celebrity Chef” that we’ll never be able to escape as we watch Gordon Ramsay hilariously belittle people to tears on various shows.

Myers actually befriended Gordon while working on the first Wayne’s World movie, as he was seeking to use one of Cooper’s songs in the comedy, and the shock rocker would of course end up appearing in one of the best scenes. Ultimately, Myers paints a picture of a guy who always put the celebrities first and made sure that they were always taken care of, while he never actually had his own friends and lived his own life. But at least he sure seems to have some amazing stories to tell.