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07.25.08 43 Comments

The Daily Mail today has pictures of Meg Ryan looking fat, and *yoink* now I have them.  Ta Da!  They’re from the set of her new movie My Mom’s Hot Boyfriend, which I could’ve sworn was either an MTV gameshow or a gay porno.  In the film, she loses the weight and dates Antonio Banderas, while creepy mouthbreather Colin Hanks plays her son, an FBI agent who thinks Banderas may be an art thief.  Meanwhile, I think he may be a bike thief.  Hard to say though, all minorities kind of look alike to me.  (I kid, I kid)

It’s also probably important to note that Ryan is wearing a fat suit in the pictures and didn’t actually gain any weight for the role.  Because she’s a terrible actress. 

[Thanks to RoboPanda for the assist] 

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