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10.14.09 15 Comments

From EOnline:

Megan Fox replaces Victoria Beckham as the face body pick your body part of the 2010 Emporio Armani Underwear campaign. It’s the brand’s second spokesceleb turnover in as many weeks—footballer Cristiano Ronaldo succeeded David Beckham on the men’s side earlier this month.

Fox will also be taking center stage in a forthcoming Armani Jeans campaign, but we’re guessing those shots will be met with a little less enthusiasm. And saliva. The 23-year-old has already posed for the undoubtedly steamy shoot, with the black-and-white photos set to launch in both print ad and billboard form in January. According to Women’s Wear Daily, unlike the Beckhams’ campaign, the shots will all be solo endeavors—the David to her Victoria, Ronaldo, will not be posing alongside her in any of the ads.

I admit, that wasn’t that interesting.  But credit where credit’s due, “Nearly Naked Megan Fox Strips Victoria Beckham of Underwear Gig” is possibly the most awesome, slightly-misleading linkbait/Google magnet headline of all time.  I was already touching myself by the time I got to “gig.”  Also, and I don’t mean to blaspheme, but if I had one criticism of Megan Fox’s looks, it’d be that her boobs are kind of far apart. Motorboating her seems like it’d be really tiring, which is why I brought this thermos of coffee.

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