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02.03.10 16 Comments

Mel Gibson went on WGN TV recently, no doubt expecting the usual round of asinine fluff for which these local-TV apes train their entire lives.  (“You heard it here first, folks, it was a pleasure to work with such a talented crew.  Now back to Jojo the water skiing squirrel.”)  Instead, the guy wanted to keep needling him about the whole sugartits incident.  Gibson, who you have to admit has been a pretty good sport about this whole thing (see also: Gervais’ introduction at the Golden Globes, the Colonel Sanders sketch on Kimmel) even at one point says “I think I’m the same person I always was,” which is a nice departure from the usual Hollywood line of “Ever since I went to sex rehab and found Scientology, I’ve been the vessel for a 3,000-year-old alien spirit named Xangief. I find he’s a calming influence.”

Anyway, Mel Gibson does his best to keep things civil, and then once he thinks the interview is over and the cameras are off, he says “asshole” under his breath.  What a jerk.  Someone needs to send that guy to sex rehab or something.

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