Mel Gibson hates Mexicans like Liam Neeson hates wolves

A while back, Mel Gibson filmed a movie in Mexico titled How I Spent My Summer Vacation where he ran around shooting people and cracking wise. You know, Mel Gibson stuff. Unfortunately for the film’s financial backers (and people of many races and religions across the world), before they had a chance to release the movie, Mel went and called the mother of his child on the phone and threatened her and used a ton of racially charged language. You know, Mel Gibson stuff.

Well the movie is still kicking around, now going straight to on-demand under the title Get the Gringo, and there is a new trailer for it. Basically the trailer is two and a half minutes of Mexicans kicking the sh-t out of Mel Gibson. I like to think some producer was sitting around going “What are we gonna do with this Mel Gibson movie where he fights a million Mexicans? Everybody knows he calls them ‘wetbacks’ now. It’ll be a PR disaster,” and then a light bulb popped above another producer’s head and he was like “What if we cut the trailer so it looks like the Mexicans are kicking the crap out of him?” Then they both laughed and did a bunch of cocaine and arranged the murder of some young starlet who was threatening to go to their wives with tales of their infidelity. I’ve seen it a million times.

My sincere hope is that this movie will be a giant hit and lead to a number of sequels where Mel Gibson gets the stuffing beat out of him by groups he’s offended. Get Whitey, Get the Misogynist Pig, Get the Gentile: Tokyo Drift, etc. As long as we don’t reinstate Prohibition, it’s a franchise that will never die.



via The AV Club