Mel Gibson Seemed A *Little* Cocaine-y The Expendables Premiere


It’s dangerous to assume that Mel Gibson was doing a lot of cocaine at The Expendables 3 premiere where he appeared in this AP video, because to be fair, I don’t know what a coked-up Mel Gibson looks like (that I know of). If you’ve heard any of his infamous scream tapes, you know that Mel certainly seems to have a much higher baseline than a normal person. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed at anything like he did the mother of one of his children in that tape, not even my computer when it eats a post. Unless Mel’s on drugs all the time, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that he just vibrates at a higher (and more Anti-Semitic) pitch than the rest of the world.

Bottom line, Mel Gibson is a strange guy. But if I watch :09 through :28 of this AP video and forget that it’s Mel Gibson, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person more clearly and thoroughly articulate “I’VE BEEN DOING A LOT OF COCAINE TONIGHT,” in less than 20 seconds. He offers the stock praise for Robin Williams, but he’s so committed, like he truly believes the words that he’s saying are the most important thing happening in the universe at that moment. You can just feel him thinking “I’M CONNECTING SO HARD WITH THIS INTERVIEWER RIGHT NOW” the entire time. He even pauses dramatically and wipes his nose halfway through. In fact he doesn’t actually wipe it, it looks more like he got a strong urge to wipe his nose halfway into the interview but then his conscious mind jumped in and shouted “DON’T WIPE YOUR NOSE OR ELSE EVERYONE WILL KNOW HOW MUCH COKE YOU’VE BEEN DOING,” causing his hand to abort the mission just before it reached his face.

Not that I’m criticizing, of course. I don’t want to live in a world where an extremely tan man attending The Expendables 3 premiere wearing an open-collard shirt/medallion combo isn’t doing a lot of cocaine.

RIP, Robin Williams.