Josh Brolin does his Tommy Lee Jones impression in Men in Black 3 trailer

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12.12.11 18 Comments

At long last, it’s the trailer for the movie you’ve all been waiting for– oops, hold on, looks like I read this wrong, it’s actually the trailer for Men in Black 3. Sorry about that, my mistake. Anyway, after a series of delays, the film once set to open Memorial Day 2011 is now set for the same date in 2012 (probably couldn’t get Will Smith’s trailer ready in time). It comes from director Barry Sonnenfeld, whose only film since Men in Black 2 was the Robin Williams classic RV, and four credited screenwriters, including two who worked on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Yay, they get to keep working! And people complain about illegal aliens. Anyway, given its pedigree, it doesn’t look half bad!

I used to like Will Smith, but it seems like somewhere around the time he started using his children as walking billboards for himself he lost the ability to enjoyably chew scenery. Though I do like the idea of J-Broles doing a Tommy Lee Jones impression for the entire movie. It’d be better if it was just Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones with one of them doing a Will Smith impression, but oh well. As a consolation, I only hope that at least once, Will Smith shouts at an alien, “Hey! I welcomed you ta Earff, and I can kick you off it!”

Get it? Because he told an alien “WELCOME DA EARFF!” that one time? That was cool. Though I think it was mostly because he kicked it square in the face right afterwards. If you punctuate it with a kick to the dome, saying “Welcome to” anything is awesome. It could be “WELCOME DA IHOP!” and if you kicked an old lady right in the head afterwards, people would think it was the most gangsta thing ever. “WELCOME TO COMMUNION!” “WELCOME TO SQUARE DANCE!”

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