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10.30.09 14 Comments

(MIB was a groundbreaking comedy that took the novel approach of teaming a white cop with a black cop.)

Yep, Sony’s going forward with Men in Black 3.  From Hollywood Reporter:

“Tropic Thunder” writer Etan Cohen is penning the script, and Barry Sonnenfeld, who helmed the first two films, is said to be attached to  the new  installment, though there is no formal deal or offer as yet.

I love it when journalists use a phrase like “is said”.  What, who says?  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to find out?  “Legend has it, Old McConnagle’s ghost is said to haunt the old mill to this day.”  Great work.

The X-factor remains Will Smith. The A-lister, who starred  with Tommy Lee Jones in the first two, has not committed to the pic,  though in recent days the buzz in development circles has been that he  is now interested in returning. Smith does not currently have a go  movie lined up.Tommy Lee Jones’ involvement is uncertain.

They better hope Will Smith is involved, because without him, you have a follow-up to a movie no one liked (not the first one, the first one was good) from a forgotten franchise, to possibly be directed by the guy whose last movie was RV.  But if they need to recast Edgar, the man possessed by a giant bug, I know one guy who’d be perfect:

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