‘Metallica: Amped For IMAX’ Is A Short Film That Is Basically Just A New Trailer

Senior Writer
09.24.13 7 Comments

Metallica Through the Never offers up the typical concert film in a whole new light, as the film stars Dane DeHaan as a roadie trusted with an “urgent mission” as the band plays, which I assume means that he’s sent out to round up some hot groupies. Wait… sorry, I’m being told this isn’t the 80s anymore and my view of rock star life is outdated and misogynistic. Oh well.

Whatever the mission, Metallica Through the Never is getting an early limited release on Friday, as the 3D film will be available in IMAX theaters for those of you who want to see your favorite aging rock gods on the biggest screen imaginable. The early release is being teased in Metallica: Amped for IMAX, which is a 1:33 video that is referred to as a “short film.” It’s a trailer. If it’s longer than 2 minutes, maybe I’ll call it a short film. But this is a trailer.

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