Miami Connection’s For Your Consideration trailer requires some serious considering

As you may have already learned via Uproxx email, FilmDrunk is co-presenting a series of screenings of Drafthouse Film’s Miami Connection as it karate kicks its way across the country, and it’s for this reason we were able to procure this exclusive For Your Consideration trailer. In case you don’t know, Miami Connection began as a rare 35 mm print of an obscure, 1987 film release bought for $50 on ebay, which was eventually rediscovered by Drafthouse Films and edited by Hobo with a Shotgun‘s Jason Eisner. It tells the story of 9th degree blackbelt YK Kim, leading his gang of synth-pop martial arts band Dragon Sound against drug-dealing motorcycle ninjas on the streets of Orlando. If that description doesn’t sound awesome to you, we probably can’t be friends.

This latest trailer is aimed specifically at the Academy voter, who’d be wise not to forget the name Maurice Smith when Best Actor nominating time comes around. I just like the whole scene that’s going on around him. Everyone’s either sleeveless or shirtless, there’s a picture of a rock star on the wall, one guy’s crying about a picture of his dead father – it’s like an Uproxx meeting with better haircuts.

Upcoming screenings:


November 9th & 10th

Austin, TX – The Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar (Full week! Tickets)

Albuquerque, NM – The Guild Cinema (Info)

Dallas, TX – Landmark Inwood Theatre (Friday Tickets, Saturday Tickets)

Denver, CO – Landmark Esquire (Tickets)

Detroit, MI – Landmark MainArt (Friday Tickets, Saturday Tickets)

Los Angeles, CA – Landmark NuArt (9th only! Tickets)

Minneapolis, MN – Landmark Uptown (Tickets)

NYC, NY – Landmark Sunshine Cinema (Friday Tickets, Saturday Tickets)

Nashville, TN – The Belcourt (Tickets)


November 15h

Miami, FL – O-Cinema (Thru the 18th! Tickets)


November 16th & 17th

Tulsa, OK – Circle Cinemas (Tickets)

Tucson, AZ – The Loft Cinema (Tickets)

Washington, DC – E Street Cinema (Friday Tickets, Saturday Tickets)

Boston, MA – The Brattle Theatre (Tickets)

Chicago, IL – The Music Box Theatre (Info)

Pittsburgh, PA – Three Rivers Film Festival (Tickets)

Seattle, WA – Grand Illusion (Info)


November 23rd & 24th

Portland, OR – Hollywood Theatre (Tickets)

Columbus, OH – Gateway Film Center (Tickets)


November 29th

Atlanta, GA – The Plaza Theatre (Full week! Info)


December 1st

Richmond, VA – The Byrd Theatre (Tickets)

Tallahassee, FL – Florida State University (Info)


December 14th & 15th

Orlando, FL – The Enzian Theatre (Home Turf Blow-out Extravaganza! Tickets)


San Francisco, CA – The Roxie Theater