Michael Bay being Michael Bay of the day

Senior Editor
04.30.12 8 Comments

Here’s your picture of Michael Bay being Michael Bay of the day, on the set of his new film Pain and Gain (“Point Break set in the world of bodybuilding”) in Miami. See how he keeps his eyes on their boobs and the camera focused on their vaginas simultaneously? That’s why Michael Bay is a pro. I wonder which one of those girls polishes the best Ferrari? I’m guessing the one second from left. Thicker girls generally polish the best Ferrari, if you know what I mean. (*hits gong, bow tie spins*)

I like to imagine Michael Bay shopping for clothes. “Hmmm, do you have any deeper V’s? Huh, okay, well I guess this will have to do. As long as you have some white cargo pants with really big pockets. I’m gonna need to hold, like, a lot of C4. (*explosion sound*)”

Oh, and it doesn’t say so in the description, but I’m guessing that guy in the red and white is Ken Jeong, who joined the cast a few weeks ago. Giving a subtly understated performance, I’m sure.


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