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I’m a little late to the party on this one, but after the jump you can watch the commercial Michael Bay directed for Victoria’s Secret.  It brilliantly sells lingerie by featuring supermodels walk around in lingerie.  Actually Michael Bay is a really good commercial director (I’m really tired of the everyone thinking they’re brilliant for tilting the camera so the horizon line goes diagonal, but that’s another story), and  once upon a time directed the Aaron Burr Got Milk spot, possibly the most memorable commercial of all time.  It’s just that he gets into trouble any time he has to tell a story more complex than “You should buy this perfume.”

In related news, I’m sick of Victoria being so secretive.  Take your panties off, girl, stop playin.

A little more on Michael Bay since I can’t resist.  He’s far from the worst director out there, but still.  Every time I criticize him I hear people say, “Dude, what did you expect!”  And, “It’s a Michael Bay movie!  It’s great for what it is!”

And to those people I say, no, no it is not.  When I see a Michael Bay movie, I’m not asking for Memento, I just want the little things, like being able to tell which f-cking robot is punching which other f-cking robot.  You don’t have to turn it into an art flick; sh-t man, just paint one of the f-cking robots blue and the other red, this doesn’t require you to have read Nabokov.

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