Michael Fassbender is a Pretty Lady in This Deleted Scene from X-Men

Hubba hubba. As if Michael F. Assbender’s perfectly-parted hair, tight-but-compact frame, and steely gaze weren’t already enough to moisten your panties and/or manties, X-Men: First Class just released this deleted scene from the DVD (out September 9th) in which he dresses like a sexy lady. Actually, it’s the scene in the film where Xavier and Magneto go to the go-go club where Lenny Kravitz’ mutant daughter with dragonfly wings (Angel Salvadore) works and try to recruit her, but this time with a slightly different ending. Inside the private room, Magneto reveals his mutant powers by levitating the metal champagne bucket, while Xavier reveals his by entering Angel’s mind and changing Magneto into a lady (that’s Angel’s point of view we’re seeing above). So when you think about it, it’s just a future cripple putting a wig on a holocaust survivor to make a stripper feel comfortable enough to take her top off. Man, they really knew how to party in the sixties.

[via EntertainmentWeekly]