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06.29.09 14 Comments

On Friday I reported that Universal had cut a scene from Brüno featuring LaToya Jackson a few hours before the Brüno premiere in LA.  At the time it was unclear whether the scene would make it into the theatrical version.  They’ve since confirmed that it won’t be.

The studio confirmed the scene would be out of the theatrical version of the movie, and said removing it won’t be expensive because the prints have not yet been made or shipped.

Sacha Baron Cohen interviews an unsuspecting LaToya Jackson about a number of topics, including her brother. Among the gags is a joke about the King of Pop’s high-pitched voice, as well as a reference to his trademark white glove, all done in Baron Cohen’s characteristically absurdist tone. [THR]

Oh no, not his voice or his glove!  Too far, you guys. That’s the Ronald Reagan of pop you’re talking about.  Lot of people think you can make fun of dead people, but really, that’s the best time to make fun of them.  For one they can’t chase you and for another you can dress them in silly outfits.  Haha, why you hittin yourself, Billy Mays?

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