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07.16.09 23 Comments

If Black Dynamite star Michael Jai White doesn’t become the next big action hero, the terrorists have won.  This is the trailer for the direct-to-DVD fight flick, Blood and Bone.  Starring MICHAEL JAI WHITE, as… ISAIAH BONE.  You might also notice a couple cameos by professional giant black guys Kimbo Slice and Bob Sapp. But pay special attention to the 1:17 mark, where Michael Jai White KICKS FOUR GUYS IN THE FACE BEFORE HE HITS THE GROUND!  OOH WHA-AA AA-AA!

White stars as an ex-con drawn into LA’s underground fight rings to fulfill a promise to a dead friend and leaves a pretty hefty count of broken bones and bloody noses behind him.  [Twitch]

So basically, it’s like the black version of Never Back Down, which automatically makes it roughly 10 times cooler than Never Back Down.  Plus, no Cam Gigandet, which is worth another 15.  Oh, and Gina Carano guest stars, which means I get to post my favorite gif:

HIEE YAA!  (*breaks board with penis*)

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