Michael Jai White teaches Kimbo how to punch

06.16.10 9 years ago 22 Comments

Today, I bring you “Michael Jai White is a Badass, Volume 73.”  In today’s installment, we catch up with Black Dynamite on the set of Blood and Bone (Michal Jai White is… ISAIAH BONE).  Here, White, who holds black belts in seven different forms of karate and has two bullet wounds, teaches Kimbo Slice an “unblockable punch.”  (He would’ve been better off teaching him an unkickable leg, but I digress).  Keep in mind, Michael Jai White is an actor and Kimbo Slice is a professional fighter (not necessarily a particularly good one, but still).  And Kimbo seems genuinely interested in hearing the advice (“but will Kimbo Slice ever truly be at ress?”).  This could only happen with badass of Michael Jai White’s caliber. Imagine any other actor trying that.  Cam Gigandet has been in a few martial arts movies too, I guarantee he couldn’t teach anyone to punch.  Hell, he gets punched himself, just for having a face that looks like that.

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