Michael Jai White Will Be Joining Us For A Live Discussion On Monday

As Vince pointed out a few days ago, before he left for his “education” cruise, we had a little snafu with the scheduling of the Tommy Davidson live Q&A, and we felt awful about that. So to make it up to everyone, on Monday at 3 PM ET, we will be joined by none other than Mr. Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White, for a very special live discussion to promote the Black Dynamite animated series on Adult Swim.

If you haven’t seen the film by now, shame on you, you jive turkeys. For starters, the damn film is certified fresh at Rotten Tomatoes (85% critics, 83% audience), but more importantly, it is one of the most quotable films of the last 30 years. In fact, I still say, “You can bet your sweet ass and half a titty” at least once a month. Furthermore, the soundtrack also provided the inspiration for a wedding toast that I gave, and if I hadn’t accidentally deleted the video from YouTube, you’d be watching it right now while saying, “Damn, Black Dynamite, that was the best loving I ever had” instead of “Cool story, bro.”

So come prepared with anything that you want to ask Michael on Monday about Black Dynamite, The Dark Knight, Mortal Kombat: Legacy, or anything else burning a hole in your brains. We’ll also have a special badge that you’ll be able to earn for participating. In the meantime, I leave you with some wisdom…