Michael Shannon won’t say “Kneel before Zod” in new Superman

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11.06.12 25 Comments

Boardwalk Empire‘s self-flagellating Jew drowner Michael Shannon is set to play General Zod in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel Superman movie, which is a great choice because Michael Shannon is terrifying and looks like he’d give himself a hernia if he ever tried to smile. But, as he told shiny-haired Vh-1 correspondent Carrie Keagan in a recent interview on Big Morning Buzz, don’t expect him to deliver the iconic “kneel before Zod” line.

“I guess I shouldn’t say, but… Well, I don’t say that in the movie.”

It’s always tricky to remake a film people have attachments to (all the more reason to do something new, but I digress). It’s hard to give the fans what they want while still leaving yourself room to surprise them. I thought Dredd did a great job with “I am the law!”, including it, but giving it context and making it feel like a real line and not an apropos-of-nothing shout out to the original (“high five for remembering, audience!”). It sounds like Zack Snyder went a different direction. Based on this news, here are some other changes from the original I anticipate:

1. He doesn’t fly.

2. He won’t be wearing that f*cking suit.

3. He fights a giant spider in the third act.

Here’s the interview. I love the way Carrie Keagan laughs her ass off at her own bit while Michael Shannon tries desperately to play along, though he clearly hates it. “That’s cute…”

His exasperated groan at the 1:11 mark is absolutely priceless.

HOST: Do you think you could relive that moment, but maybe incorporate ‘Kneel before Zod?’
SHANNON: (*sigh*)

In conclusion, here’s a better video, of the host getting her boobs cast in plaster.

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