Michel Gondry directed a Japanese commercial, and it’s awesomely weird

Michel Gondry’s last few movies haven’t done so hot, but Eternal Sunshine is still probably my favorite of all time, and there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the eccentric Frenchman who painted me a watercolor of a tranny with a bottle up his ass (the tranny, I mean. I can neither confirm nor deny Gondry having a bottle in his ass). Gondry recently directed a commercial for a Japanese department store, complete with comically-oversized feet and excessive amounts of screaming Japanese men. The only question is whether this is more Japanese or French

As fodder for humor, we underrate Japanese men screaming. Still, I’m going to say this is more French. Find me a French comedy that DOESN’T involve a comically-oversized body part. I’d love to hear how the pitch for this went.

“Zo, zee man, ‘ee get ‘eez foot run ovair by za tax see. An’ zen zee foot grow to rrrreedeekoolose pro-pour-tion. Zee foot won’t evann feet een za tax see. Za man must put za foot outside za tax see ween dow. Zen za foot keep ‘eeteeng za tree. But all along, za man remain ‘appy. Za man remain content. Ee so ‘appy, ‘ee don’t even care zat za foot ‘as grown rrrreedeekoolose-lee large like za monstair. ‘Why zeess man ees so ‘appy?’ Za audiaance wondair.