Mickey Rourke ‘Won’ His Boxing Match With This Ridiculous TKO

This morning, while people in the US were trampling each other to get a flatscreen TV for twelve bucks, Mickey Rourke was in Russia, BOXING A DUDE. His opponent, Elliot Seymour, was 1-9 going into the fight, but he’s also 33-years younger than Rourke, so the fight could have gone either way.

However, as soon as the fight started, Rourke showed he was no match for Seymour, using crafty veteran tactics like “pretend to have a heart attack and then land a hook.”

In the second round, Rourke let loose, dropping Seymour with a VICIOUS body shot that left his opponent unable to continue the fight. Maybe Mickey should get a step up in competition next. How about Rourke versus Gennady Golovkin?

Unrelated, but immediately after the fight was stopped, Seymour was reunited with his family members who just happened to be imprisoned in a Serbian gulag during the fight.