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07.23.09 40 Comments

(Uh, we’re here for the gangbang?)

THR today reports that Mike Fleiss, the reality TV producer behind such shows as There Goes the Neighborhood and More to Love (yes, it’s The Bachelor for chubby chasers) is starting a production company (Next Films) and moving into films.  His first project?  A Black Sabbath movie.  But don’t start headbanging just yet…

The outfit already is developing several projects, including “Black Sabbath,” a horror movie franchise.  Next has signed a deal with guitarist-songwriter Tony Iommi — a founding member of the British heavy metal band — for the films, which won’t be about the group but will use the title as a jumping-off point. Iommi also will score the movies.  (Iommi has sole ownership of the Black Sabbath name, but that is being challenged by former frontman Ozzy Osbourne, who filed a suit in May seeking a 50% stake in the Black Sabbath trademark.)

So basically, they just thought “Black Sabbath” would be a great name for a horror movie.  And now all they have to do is write it.  Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?  How much better would the Final Destination movies be if they were called Megadeth, or Saw if it was called Slayer?  And every zombie movie could be called Cannibal Corpse.  This dipsh*t is a genius.

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