Mike Myers as Michael Myers (Morning Links)

10.29.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

If Mike Myers had played Michael Myers. It makes almost… too much sense. [via Screen Junkies]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Looks Badass In ‘Ten’ |Film Drunk|

More Juggalo Vision Quests from David Gborie, and Werner Herzog hypnotizing chickens. |Frotcast|

A pretty succinct synopsis of The Wizard of Oz[via Brooklyn Mutt]

The Best Fan-Made Halloween Costumes From 12 Of TV’s Finest Shows
|Warming Glow|

A Collection Of The Worst Band Shirts You’ll Ever Have The Misfortune Of
Seeing |UPROXX|

The Air Sex Championships Returned To Austin And Oh God, They Let Me
Judge Again |With Leather|

Hold Me I’m Scared: The Best 80s Horror Movie VHS Covers |Gamma Squad|

…And Then They Asked Alicia Keys To Pick Jay-Z Or Nas. |Smoking Section|

|Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Darwin’s exceptions |theChive|

Impressive Fully-Functional Instagram Costume |Buzzfeed|

Christina Aguilera Calls Bloggers ‘Buttf-ck People’ Who Write ‘Hate Sh-t.’ Alright,
Who Told? |The Superficial|

19 Confounding Discrepancies Between American and British English |Mental Floss|

Is This Officially Hollywood’s Dumbest Idea? |Videogum|

Lena Dunham’s First Time |Daily What|

Louis C.K. Handles Screaming Audience Member Surprisingly Well |HuffPost Comedy|

Fifteen great Halloween TV episodes |Fark|

Steve Jobs’ Yacht |High Definite|

Wes Anderson’s Eight Best Movie Outfits |Unreality|

Remember the Time the Second Most Likable Guy in Hollywood Pimp Slapped
the Most Likable Guy in Hollywood? |Pajiba|

Jessica Biel’s Best GIF Ever |Brobible|

How to Watch TV Illegally Online |College Humor|

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