Miley Cyrus is Watching You Poop & Your Morning Links

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PICTURE: Avengers in High School – Hawkeye had a bomb-ass flat top mullet |Film Drunk|

12 Steps to Making the Next Season of ‘The Office’ More Watchable |Warming Glow|

Listen to us pitch Wet Dream on Elm Street director Lee Roy Myers our porn parody ideas. |Frotcast|

Nobody f*cks with the Jesus! [via thearcticbear]

With Leather, With Love: The World’s Fattest Woman Is Getting Married! |With Leather|

Is This What The Coming Apple HDTV Will Look Like? |UPROXX|

Real Life “Pulp Fiction”: Memphis Robbers Macabre Torture Tactics |Smoking Section|

Who’s Gotten Around More: The Justice League Or The Avengers? |Gamma Squad|

John Travolta’s Accused of Molesting A Second Male Masseur Now |TheSuperficial|

How To Poop Like a Child |Videogum|

The 20 Greatest Maurice Sendak Quotes |Buzzfeed|

10 Creations Inspired by “Where the Wild Things Are” |College Humor|

The next Jim Abbott |TheDailyWhat|

Bandersnatch Cummerbund: Washington Post’s Amazing Benedict Cumberbatch Name Change |HuffPost Comedy|

‘Red Neck Island’ Is A New Reality Show, And Stone Cold Steve Austin’s The Host |ScreenJunkies|

Indians offended that The Avengers depicts their third world hellhole as a third world hellhole |Fark|

10 Things You Might Not Know About Maurice Sendak |Mentalfloss|

Alex Tanney, Trick Shot Quarterback, Gets NFL Tryout |Guy Speed|

This is What the NFL in Los Angeles Would Look Like |Brobible|

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