Miley Cyrus signs for Allan Loeb’s ‘I’m Like Sooo Undercover’

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11.04.10 21 Comments

If you’re not familiar with Allan Loeb, he’s a screenwriter who has writing credit on practically every third movie, most of them terrible. He’s the guy who wrote Wall Street 2 (“I know it sounds like Star Wars, love, but you could do it, you could be Captain America“) as well as the upcoming Kevin James uses MMA to save the rec center movie, a concept so horrible I’d been using it as a joke for two years before he pitched it (not the only time this has happened, sadly).  Today, he’s in the news as a co-writer on a film Miley Cyrus will star in, which was first reported by our favorite nerds at Pajiba, when it was called, and I stress that I’m sh*tting you not, I’m Like Sooo Undercover. (Now it’s just So Undercover).

It’s a teen action comedy about a young, female private eye who goes undercover at a Florida college sorority in order to protect the daughter of a mob accountant.” How is it being described? As Mean Girls meets Miss Congeniality. [Pajiba]

Tom Vaughan (“What Happens in Vegas”) will direct from a script by Allan Loeb and Steven Pearl. “There will be a touch of real danger too when she goes undercover. We have a sharp, funny, accessible and commercial script from Allan and Steven that is a perfect match for her comic talents. We are also thrilled to have Tom Vaughan at the helm,” Sinclair said. [Variety]

Haha, he just referred to Miley Cyrus’ “comedic talents.”  Though to be fair, that movie where she had to save the sea turtle eggs from a raccoon sounded funny as sh*t.

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