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12.23.08 41 Comments

Push (watch the trailer) is basically just like X-Men, except that everyone’s power has to do with mind reading, mind control, moving stuff with their mind, etc.  I’m guessing the climactic battle scene will involve two guys pointing their palms at each other and grimacing real hard.  For some reason, there’s always a strong correlation between the ability to grimace and the strength of one’s mind bullets.  I also like that in every brain superpower movie the characters always make hand signals that correspond to whatever they’re moving with their mind.  You can just imagine the actors showing up to the set on the first day, and the director being like, “Okay, now in this scene, you use your superpowers to pick up this car.”  Then the actor just stands there and squints a little.  “Whoa whoa whoa, you’re moving this car with your mind.  You gotta point your palms at it, or put your fingers up to your temple or something.  Otherwise this is just gonna look ridiculous.”

[via Empire]

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