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01.23.09 29 Comments

Homophobic Turtle sez: “Pansies. Real men fight with their shirts off.  What?  You fags don’t watch UFC?”

In this new clip from Push (video after the jump), the male Kate Hudson (Chris Evans) starts getting beat up… with mind fists!  Then, he must be all out of mind knives, because he tries to stab him, but Chris Evans turns into Guile from Street Fighter and starts doing some sonic booms and crap.  Then at the 0:45 mark, the guy tries some jiu-jitsu (though mind jitsu is clearly his forte) and goes for the arm lock.  But Chris Evans rolls out of it, because let’s be serious, you’re not going to sink that kind of submission without hip control, I mean come on.  And then after that, well, it just gets kind of silly.

When they hit each other, sparks fly!  No really, like actual sparks.

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