Moment Of Zen: Matthew McConaughey Learns Healthy Lunch Tips From Guy Fieri

Following his long overdue Academy Awards victory the other night, Matthew McConaughey received a hearty zesty vote of congratulations from none other than the Mayor of Flavortown himself, Gaius Guiseppe Fieri IV (neé Guy Ferry). It made many wonder – did these two titans of FilmDrunk lore have a previous connection, or was it simply the law of greazy attraction at work?

Turns out, they did have a previous connection. See, Matthew McConaughey, like all good celebrities, runs a charity , and his in particular is called “The just keep livin’ Foundation,” AKA JK Living. The foundation is dedicated to “empowering high school students to lead active lives and make healthy choices,” because Matthew McConaughey just thinks it’d be a lot cooler if they did.

As part of his mandate, he made a web video about how kids could be eating healthier lunches, and called Guy Fieri to help him out. Because when you think “healthy lunch tips” you think wonton-wrapped brisket cracklins in tequila-turkey burger alfredo sauce, or whatever Guy serves at his restaurants (actual, not-fictional examples: the mac and cheese burger, his s’mores pizza, the slamma jamma chicken parm). A lot of people don’t know this, but Guy’s bleached soul patch actually catches 30% of the saturated fat before it gets to his mouth.

Anyway, Guy teaches McConaughey how to make a pan-roasted chicken breast sandwich with carmelized shallots, with a pan sauce instead of mayo, cuz healthy. And McConaughey teaches a bread technique called “canoeing,” to take out some of the carbs. I think that’s what the movie Mud was about. Bottom line, if you high school kids follow these tips to healthy eating, you’ve got an even better chance of just stayin’ the same age, alright alright alright.