Mo’Nique’s brother is sorry for molesting her

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04.20.10 31 Comments

I still haven’t seen Precious — I’m worried it might hit a little too close to home for me, because back in high school, I had AIDs and two babies and couldn’t read — but reportedly, Mo’Nique gives a powerful performance informed by some of her difficult real-life experiences.  Today, her brother came forward to apologize for molesting her when they were kids. He apologized on Oprah, probably to keep from having to buy one of those “I’m sorry I molested you” Hallmark cards with the sad puppy on the outside.

Gerald Imes told Oprah Winfrey in an appearance on her TV talk show that the abuse began when Mo’Nique was about 7 years old and he was 13, but that he had denied it for decades.

“I’m here today to first acknowledge what I’ve been in denial for 37 years, and that is I did assault and inappropriately touch my sister in manners that were uncomfortable for her,” Imes said. “And for that, I apologize and I’m humbly sorry that those actions had taken place.”

Imes said the fact that he was fuel for Mo’Nique’s performance makes him feel like “a piece of crap.”
He said he has an especially hard time watching the last scene in the movie, in which Mary explains that the reason she hates her daughter is that Precious’ father chose her over Mary.

“That scene was Mo’Nique going to my mother saying, ‘My brother did this to me,’ and my mother asking me, did I do this, and I said no. I saw her pain and my pain right then and there,” Imes said.

Mo’Nique, who has not seen her brother for more than 10 years, declined to appear on the show.  [Yahoo]

Imes’ revelations became all the more shocking when he revealed that he wasn’t even a Catholic priest.  ZING!  …What?  Oh right, I’m not supposed to joke about child molestation and all that.  Jeez, who knew a heart-to-heart interview with a child molester was going to make things all awkward in here.

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