Monkey in a Dress steals show at Hangover 2 premiere

A monkey in a dress stole the show at last night’s Hangover 2 premiere in Hollywood, which is a fine metaphor for all movie premieres.  If the world does end tomorrow, this is probably how I deserve to be remembered: giggling at a monkey wearing a dress, trying to think of a pearl-necklace joke.  Pictures come courtesy of the Daily Mail, where I found this, perhaps the finest line in the history of journalism:

“But it wasn’t Crystal’s outfit that stole the show at the premiere of the Hangover 2 last night, but the fact she’s a monkey.”

Game over, man, game over.

Holy. Sh*t. Quick, someone put that monkey over a vent that blows her skirt up.

This is the essence of every Hollywood movie premiere.  “DANCE MONKEY! SHOW US YOUR DRESS!”

If they started doing inter-species versions of “Who wore it best” I would read the sh*t out of US Weekly.

“Oh hey, girl.  Yeah, it’s Dolce & Banana.”

[thanks, Chino]

“Try to snap one her getting out of cab!  See if you can get a shot of her monkey fufu!”

Oh, and Robert Downey Jr. was there.  I think he stole Mickey Rourke’s outfit.  Nice boots, brah.  He must’ve tucked the pants into them to keep out the monkeys.  (*taps temple with index finger*)  Smart.