‘Monster Mutt’ could be the #1 monster dog movie of the year

If you’re at all familiar with FilmDrunk, you know that dog movies are pretty much our favorite thing ever.  Dogs playing poker, dogs dancing salsa, dogs playing piano, dogs playing volleyball, dogs hating black people  — basically, if the movie’s got a dog doing something human, and Owen Wilson’s not in it, we’re there.

Monster Mutt takes all the dogs-doing-people-stuff we love (taking performance-enhancing drugs, in this case) and combines it with our other favorite thing, people in animal costumes.  CGI IS FOR BITCHES, YO!  My God, it’s like someone recreated the world of my dreams in a movie trailer, and filled it with my secrets.  STOP THE VAN, I’VE BEEN INCEPTED!

And the song that plays when regular mutt turns into monster mutt?  You guessed it, Who Let the motherf*cking Dogs Out.  (*kisses fingertips*)  Magnifique.  That song hadn’t realized its true purpose, until now.

A thousand thanks to Ryan for finding this.