‘Monsters University’ Still Looks Wonderful

One of the most pleasant surprises of this year’s Super Bowl commercials was the teaser trailer for Monsters University, which was produced to look just like a cheesy college recruitment video. The prequel (of sorts) to the 2001 hit Monsters, Inc. takes us into the college years of Mike and Sulley, before they were pals. And the latest trailer and clip show us just how much of a crazy, zany frat party that we’re in for. You know, for a kid’s movie.

Mike and Sulley find themselves in rival fraternities, as Mike and the Oozma Kappa nerds face off against Sulley and the Roar Omega Roar in what my own college fraternity experiences lead me to believe will feature an argument that started at a floor hockey game, continued at Pounders for Bladder Bust night and ended in a drunken, bloody mess outside of the Tri Delt house.

Or Tuesday, as we called it.

And here’s the less shouty and flashy clip…

I suppose that we can forget about a Revenge of the Nerds-like panty raid scene. Maybe the Blu-Ray will have some extras.

(H/T to /film)