The Monsters University commercial won the BCS

I didn’t watch much of the BCS Championship game last night, but my outdoor friends tell me that the Roller Tidings of Alabama easily overwhelmed the Golden Hunchbacks of Nostradamus by scoring more end touches in the sprots match. But more importantly, the marketing team behind Monsters University took a commanding lead in the cool advertisements contest with this parody of an enrollment commercial. I have nothing to add to this other than that it’s very, very cute. I especially liked the cat’s-eye glasses. Cat’s eye glasses seem like an older demo than college (I think? Oh God, I’m too old to know anymore) but I don’t even care. Cat’s eye glasses plus bug-eyed monster is just a winning design concept.

Monsters University opens June 21st, and a short called The Blue Umbrella will play before it. I’ve got a clip of that after the jump. It’s about sentient umbrellas.

Get in there, bro, she’s all wet for you.