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(Pretending to be a Na’avi: It’s all fun and games until Quaritch shows up.)

James Cameron’s producing partner Jon Landau recently announced plans for an Avatar prequel novel, to be written by James Cameron himself — his first novel.  It’s an unusual move, considering other directors like Michael Bay can barely read Highlights Magazine. But Cameron should have plenty of material on which to draw, such as these, some of my favorite recent topics from the Avatar forums:

[From the thread “Gay Na’vi: It’s possible”] While I watch the film, I can’t help but imagine that in the world of AVATAR, there’s no such thing as hatred, homophobia, or intolerance, and that as long as you are a noble soul and one with the people, such boundaries as “gay” or “straight” don’t exist. In fact, I created a silly scenario in my mind, in which Norm falls in love with a male warrior from a neigboring Na’Vi tribe (LOL)…

I can totally see the Na’Vi having more than on concept of what “normal” sexuality is…this is a very interesting topic that sadly I have found being faced with jeers and derision in other boards. Hopefully here, I will be able to get intelligent discussion.  -User T’iam B’sog

I can’t imagine a Na’vi participating in oral or anal sex or any other erotic actions that humans are so fond of, whether it is with one of the same sex or opposite. -Sareth

[From the thread “How would you eat a Teylu?”] Maybe they’d use some hot sauce to give the larvae some flavor. X-P Maybe they’d call it something crazy like “Thanator Hell Breath” or “Na’vi No-nonsense Hot Sauce”.  8-D  -Nawm awpo kip nìwotx

Thread:  I was listening David boey and thinking about how a culture like the one of the navi would react to music like that or how they would react if they, heaven forbid, saw an episode of family guy.  Your thoughts?

I hope they never see what us humans enjoy. We are, and I dont mean to sound hateful, a mentally sick bunch of primates. The Na’vi are pure. In order for them to stay that way they should learn as little about people as possible. -Navikin

I think some of the music we have may be okay (definitely NOT rap, metal or country though….I mean the orchestral/experimental style stuff, with any instrumentation). Television, also widely known as the “idiot box” should never be introduced to the Na’vi. Not ever. Music yes, other forms of our media, no. -atxrawng

The Na’vi are so pure in everything they do, valueing life to their utmost potential which i admire so much. Na’vikin i agree with you 100% i would so much rather leave this life style and world to live their ways in their world. I think it would be sad to see us humans currupt the Na’vi into the (sorry to say) monsters most humans have become… thank God there are still civilized groups of us though.  -Menari-Sevin

They would probably scoff and call us all skxawng. -Justthere348

Those pure, noble, pterodactyl-raping cat-monkeys.  For a mentally-sick primate such as myself, frankly it would be an honor just for one to scoff at me and call me skxawng.  Oh man, I’m totally imagining this as a dominatrix scenario now.  Guarantee it’s happened.  “That’s right, now eat my litter box, you greedy sky-primate!”

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