More Ghana movies! (And Links)

11.16.11 8 years ago 13 Comments

Here’s another movie trailer from Ghana to go along with those amazing ones from the other day. Man, people from Ghana must be obsessed with things getting kicked. And that one alley.

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Twihards: Still Crazy After All These Years |Film Drunk|

Six Seasons And A Movie: The Stages Of ‘Community’ Grief On The Internet |UPROXX|

The 40 Best Hilariously Nerdy Dog Costumes |Gamma Squad|

And Now, the Cutest Kitten in the World |Warming Glow|

Jose Canseco’s Girlfriend Is Going Places |With Leather|

PICTURED: I’m pretty sure this is a backflip in reverse, which doesn’t make it less awesome. |Source|

Darth Vader Is A Corporate Shill |Buzzfeed|

Amanda Seyfried is in a bikini. She should do that lots. |TheSuperficial|

I don’t really know how to explain this picture other than to say that it’s awesome and you should check it out right this second. |TheDailyWhat|

Liam Gallagher and Katie Holmes is beefin’. Wait, what? |Videogum|

7 shows that remained on air despite poor ratings. |ScreenJunkies|

A gallery of Baby Juggalos. But no juggalo baby caskets. |HolyTaco|

13 images from National Geographic’s photo contest. |MentalFloss|

9 Athletes Who Are Way More Religious Than Tim Tebow |The Smoking Jacket|

What It Might Look Like If Hollywood Studios Quoted Pajiba Reviews on their Movie Posters |Pajiba|

The Coolest 8-Bit Subway Station in the World|Unreality|

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