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After the jump, I’ve got a new trailer for The Incredible Hulk, which, according to ComingSoon, can be found on Best Buy promo DVDs – free with select DVD purchases.  Movie voice guy says:

Dr. Bruce Banner, genetic scientist, experimenting with the body’s ability to repair itself and fight disease, until an accidental overdose of gamma radiation unleashes something inside him.  Something… incredible. 

At this point in my recut of this trailer, the screen would fade to black and Bruce Banner would unleash a truly epic fart.  The kind of fart that could end a marriage.

[Movie voice guy, cont’d] Pursued by the military, searching for a cure, until a new threat emerged, unlike anything we’ve seen before.  [Bruce Banner] “There’s only one thing that can fight that, and it’s in me.”

*Tony Stark emerges from behind Banner, sweaty and naked from the waist up* [Stark] “You trying to tell me something?  Should I throw the suit on or what?”   

Source for video = ComingSoon

Source for fart-ending-marriage joke = George Carlin 

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