We failed to guess the name of Vince Vaughn's new movie, you guys.

A few months back, we took a crack at trying to name Vince Vaughn’s next comedy vehicle, extrapolating from Old School, Wedding Crashers, The Internship, etc. The basic format is, an entry-level job as applied to a 45-year-old man in the title, OR, something that 30-50 guys already do, giving us the excitement of familiarity, but with the title implying that Vince Vaughn is going to do it more awesome. Our predictions included Alumni Weekend, Daytona Dads, Car Pool, and Groupon Getaway, among others, but it turns out we were all wrong because Vince Vaughn is making Business Trip after he finishes Delivery Man. We were way off, you guys.

EXCLUSIVE: After directing Vince Vaughn as a sperm-prolific donor who fathers hundreds of kids in the upcoming DreamWorks comedy Delivery Man, Ken Scott is in early talks to once again team with Vaughn. He’s in talks to helm Business Trip, a Steve Conrad-scripted comedy that New Regency is financing and will distribute worldwide through Fox. [Deadline]

I guess that’s why they make the big bucks. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying! Here are some more ideas for future Vince Vaughn movies. (If any studio execs are reading this, we can have a treatment for any of these to you by EOD).

Campus Cops

Seat Fillers (also doubles as its own porn parody title)

Brewery Tour

Bat Men (about adult batboys for a baseball team)

Campsite Crashers

Firehouse Dad

Cold Callers

The Podcast

Casual Friday

Caddy… uh… Caddy Hut. For Grown Ups.

Resident Dadvisor (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson play RAs at a college dorm)

Errand Man


The Expense Account

Any more ideas? We’re going to make six figures on one of these, we just have to keep trying.