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09.29.10 7 Comments

Quentin Tarantino’s long-time editor Sally Menke was found dead yesterday, and while we don’t have any new news about why she died (all they say is “heat may have played a factor”, which is basically saying, “I don’t know — it was hot?”), I do have some new stuff to make you sad.  The video above is the “hi, Sally” reel from Inglourious Basterds, which Tarantino did for all his films to show his appreciation for his editor.  Vanity Fair also has a short profile.  Here’s a snip:

Tarantino has freely admitted that editing with Menke was like working with a writing partner, and no doubt the director’s trademark ability to hold and savor the tension of a beat well past the point when other directors would have moved on—or keep an audience riveted by his free-form pop soliloquies—flowed from Menke’s artful cutting. How else could he have gotten away with an opening scene in Inglorious Basterds that occupies practically a whole film reel? Or danced delightfully around the meandering diner conversation that sets up Reservoir Dogs? Or found such depth of feeling in Robert Forster’s stoic, steady smile in Jackie Brown? Arguably, Samuel L. Jackson owes much of his reputation and his career to Menke’s judicious close-up choices in Pulp Fiction.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this with you all, just in case you weren’t feeling enough like sh*t this morning.

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