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04.14.08 47 Comments

Speed Racer’s official website posted a new, even longer international trailer for the movie, coming May 9th. 

The Wachowski… er, Siblings’ latest project stars John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Emile Hirsch, and Jack from Lost.  Combining George Lucas-style dialogue with groundbreaking, visually offensive special effects, Speed Racer is specially formulated to appeal to the 10-year-old Japanese girl in all of us (or at least the non-epileptics).

Will Speed team up with his longtime rival Racer X, take down Royalton industries, and win the race that took his older brother’s life???  Meh, probably.  I think this movie would be more interesting if it was about actual speed freaks, who would take some speed, and then race each other to get more speed.  The winner would be the first person whose heart exploded. Runner up organizes my kitchen pantry alphabetically.  I smell the feel-good hit of the century.

UPDATE: /Film has a newer, even longer (Four minutes) trailer, with even more footage.  Still the same movie, unfortunately. The story looks really lightweight and paint-by-numbers.  The only really unique thing about it is how it looks – and to me the look is just kind of annoying.

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