Morgan Spurlock Is Making A Documentary About ‘Artisanal’ Products… Sponsored By Häagen-Dazs

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04.08.15 29 Comments

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Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock is set to make a short documentary about “the master craftsmen behind some of the world’s artisanal products and crafts.”

“With this film, I wanted to explore what drives our culture toward artisanal products and crafts, particularly within the food industry, as well as explore our desire to connect with heritage through what we consume or purchase,” Spurlock said. “There are so many dedicated craftsmen who are a part of this movement, who manage to keep traditions alive while reminding us what really matters.”

Buying “artisanal” food is obviously a great way to know you aren’t eating any dangerous “toxins” or “corn syrups” or transfats or genetically modified glutenstuffs and whatnot. Oh, and the documentary is going to be sponsored by Häagen-Dazs, a little mom-and-pop ice cream outfit run by General Mills and Nestlé.

Ice cream-maker Häagen-Dazs is providing support for the film, which is not yet titled. [THR]

Häagen-Dazs was of course started by two brothers from the Bronx who thought a Danish-sounding name would make it seem comforting and homey. As tempting as it is to hate Morgan Spurlock (Mjürgen Spørlok, as the Häagen-Dazs folks call him) and his goofy face and cutesy projects, cutesy as he is, he generally does a good job exploring a subject in a way that isn’t completely full of sh*t (though usually catchy to the point of being slightly obnoxious). But with Häagen-Dazs sponsoring, it’s hard not to wonder whether this is going to be a fluff piece for “artisanal” food from some of the original faux artisans.

On a related note, have you ever noticed that “artisanal” is just “art is anal” all squished together? Profound, man, profound.

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