DMX is Flummoxed by Technology & Your Morning Links

 He even growls. [via The Daily What]

Coen Bros-Scripted ‘Gambit’ Has A Trailer, Is The Worst X-Men Film |FilmDrunk|

Frotcast 118: Dredd 3D, Real Sports Smarm, Laremy Lists, Mike From Tall Tale |Frotcast|

Someone Without A Lick Of Damn Sense Thinks ‘E.R’ Is The Best Drama of All Time |Warming Glow|

“Mmmbrrrrrraiiiiiinssss.” “In English, please.” “Brains…whaddaf*ck.” [via The Superficial]

What A Great Soccer Game We’re Having I’ll Just Pick Up This OH MY GOD GRENADE |With Leather|

Why Is 15-Year-Old Chloë Moretz Kissing 22-Year-Old Aaron Johnson On ‘Kick-Ass’ Set? |Gamma Squad|

COUGARS: Six More 50-Year Old Women More F*ckworthy Than Madonna |The Smoking Section|

This Is Not A John Skelton Post |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Paris Hilton: ‘Eww, Gay Guys Are Gross And They All Have AIDS’ |The Superficial|

Watch Kate Upton Play With Babies And Small Animals |Buzzfeed|

Understanding Diner Lingo: 55 Phrases to Get You Started |Mental Floss|

Dungeons & Dragons and other major causes of teen sex |Fark|

Fiona Apple Got Arrested For Hash |IDLYITW|

“I Never Thought They Were Going to Kill and Rape”: 12 Instances of
Actors Admitting Their Biggest Career Mistakes |Pajiba|

ATTN: Blake Lively Could Possibly Be Eating “More Than Normal” |Videogum|

“Every Single Person Is Singing Every Take Live.” |High Definite|

A Classic ‘Virgin Diaries’ Clip Featuring Skippy the Belly-Button Lint Collector and His Wingmom |BroBible|

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