Honest Trailer: Harry Potter (morning links)

04.18.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Here’s an “Honest Trailer” for Harry Potter, from our friends at ScreenJunkies. See if you can guess how often they reference Emma Watson’s hotness. |ScreenJunkies|

Morning Links

Here’s Your Summer Reading List: 10 Books, Graphic Novels, And Plays Being Turned Into Movies |UPROXX|

‘Breaking Bad’ Has Set A Return Date For The Final Eight Episodes |

The Great Gatsby is Spring Breakers (This Week in Posters) |Film Drunk|

The Milwaukee Brewers Also Honored Boston By Playing The Cheers Theme |With Leather|

Why Politicans Are Blaming Video Games For Violence More Than Ever |Gamma Squad|

Michael Bay’s Victoria Secret Commercial |The Superficial|

Better Know A Draft Pick: Matt Barkley |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

TV’s Death by Mandoline |Grantland|

8 Characters You Won’t Believe Are Based on Real People |Cracked|

20 Things That CNN Believes “Raise Eyebrows” |College Humor|

18-plus heroic movie stoners |AV Club|

So, Charlie Chaplin’s Granddaughter is kind of a fox |The Chive|

Good Lord, Being A Cheerleader Is Dangerous |HuffPost Comedy|

Rosario Dawson Goes Pantsless, Just as New Hampshire Politicians Had Intended |Pajiba|

Honest Trailer: Harry Potter |Clip Nation|

A Pair of Fictional Justice Magazine Covers |Unreality|

Tony Gwynn Jr’s Response to a Heckler Is Pretty Much the Best |Brobible|

Friends Reunion Not Happening |Screen Junkies|

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