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02.07.11 8 years ago 9 Comments

I squealed like a girl when I saw this. The chicks at the Super Bowl party were super attracted to me.

Tosh.Fro is busy filming what will no doubt be an awkward segment for The Grid on IFC, so he has asked Burnsy, Danger Guerrero, and me to fill-in for him today. By the way, do you guys ever worry that Vince is going to hit it big, become some kind of comedy hot shot, and leave all of us behind? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, he’s got some mighty big hands shoes to fill, but Burnsy and Danger have done a more than adequate job filling-in before. And me? Well I once failed a ten-pager on The Red Badge of Courage because six pages were drawings and a two were accidentally about The Phantom Tollbooth. Also I’m fairly certain that I can’t even read. I’m dictating all of this to mom.


Facebook Turns Seven. |Uproxx|

The Internet Darwin Awards. |Uproxx|

Super Bowl Recap. |WithLeather|

I don’t know what’s worse: Aguilera butchering the National Anthem, or me not noticing at the time. |Us Magazine|

New York Magazine gets all up in the guts of the online porn business, which was apparently born out of the Canadian competitive Foosball circuit. I’m not kidding. |NYMag|

Jon Lovitz joins Dana Carvey for SNL Monologue. Try to guess if it was funny. |HuffPo|

PICTURED: If you can’t see why this picture is hilarious, then we can
never hang out. |Thanks, Stoney|

Lindsay Lohan charged with felony after stealing a necklace that looks remarkably like a nut sack. Which finishing school did she attend, again? |TMZ|

Here’s a French Bulldog giving a cat a bath. |HuffPo|

Astronauts gleefully watch pigeons flail around in Zero-G. This cost $17 billion. |TDW|

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