Morning Links: Clever Girls Who Sometimes Change into Boys. Jurassic Park Parody

03.29.13 6 years ago


Muldoon learns that velociraptors are a lot more clever than he thought. They hunt in packs. They avoid trans fats. And they do sudoku.. |ADHD|

Morning Links

In The ‘Hunger Game Of Thrones,’ Which Character Would Reign Supreme? |Warming Glow|

Actresses Without Teeth Is Here To Meet Your Weekly Nightmare Fuel Quota |

Phil Spector’s wife sounds super stable |Film Drunk|

Blindfold Soccer Is The Best Soccer |With Leather|

Let’s Go Exploring Our Favorite Calvin And Hobbes GIFs |Gamma Squad|

WZUP II: 5 Legendary ‘Martin’ Characters |Smoking Section|

We Did It, Guys: Bacon Condoms |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Anna Kendrick Joins K-Pop Girl Group f(x) |Grantland|

Why don’t Americans play Americans on TV anymore? |AV Club|

5 Celebrities With Secretly Talented Siblings |Cracked|

If H&R Block Directed Famous Movies |College Humor|

Does Kirsten Dunst Have No Friends To Tell Her She Looks Like A Drowned Heroin Rat? |Pajiba|

Where Game of Thrones Left Off — and Where It’s Going |Vulture|

6 People Who Went to Great Lengths for Their Pranks |Mental Floss|

Seven Subtly Disturbing Things about the “Despicable Me” Universe |Unreality|

Gwyneth Paltrow Has an Iron Man Suit |The Superficial|

Somebody Stole Final Breaking Bad Script |Screen Junkies|

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