Morning Links for a Brand New Year

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01.02.12 5 Comments

As far as New Year’s cartoons go, I thought this was pretty fantastic. Thanks to Jade for the tip. |via CagleCartoons|

There’s a guy named Shidoshi making a late play for comment of the year in a two-year-old post. Maybe this link got posted in a troll message board? I don’t know. But I do enjoy capitalized, unpunctuated rage. |FilmDrunk|

The Year in Weird: The 10 Most Insane News Stories of 2011 |Film Drunk|

The 2011 UPROXX People Of The Year Awards |UPROXX|

The 2011 Finale: The 100 Other Unforgettable Songs We Enjoyed |Smoking Section|

5 Video Game Non-Stories We Obsessed Over Too Much in 2011 |Gamma Squad|

R.I.P. All the Terrible Shows (and a Few Good Ones) We Lost in 2011 |Warming Glow|

UFC 141 Open Discussion/Results Thread: Lesnar Vs. Overeem, More. |With Leather|

Catch up on the last Frotcast while we prepare a new one (expect koi calls). |Frotcast|

22 fan-made Gremlins posters. |Buzzfeed|

The good, bad and horrible about Season One of “American Horror Story” |FARK|

Pajiba’s 10th Annual Top 10 Top 10 Lists of 2011 |Pajiba|

The Top 25 Moments of 2011 |TheSuperficial|

All the finishes from this weekend’s UFC card, in gif form. |CagePotato|

The best people of 2011. |Videogum|

These are awesome: 100-year-old photos of pre-Revolution Russia. |MentalFloss|

Man tries to use a million-dollar bill to pay for merchandise at, where else, Wal Mart. Sorry, Florida and Ohio, Kentucky gets the square. |TheDailyWhat|

90s movies we need to stop quoting in 2011. |ScreenJunkies|

12 futures movies lied to us about. |HolyTaco|

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