Morning Links: The Internet Revolution Is Happening Now!

The Internet is the FUTURE |Everything Is Terrible!|

Morning Links

This Is What Happens When You Leave A Camera On Your Car At Bonnaroo |UPROXX|

Here’s The First Photo From The Final Eight Episodes Of ‘Breaking Bad.’ Everybody Freak Out. |

They made another trailer for The Internship, and they forgot to put in jokes again |Film Drunk|

George H.W. Bush Hung Out With The Houston Texans Cheerleaders, Did Not Fandango |With Leather|

Let’s Celebrate Superman’s 75th Anniversary With Cosplay |Gamma Squad|

Florida Woman Arrested For “Violently Yanking” Boyfriend’s Penis |Smoking Section|

Ravens At Broncos Is The Season Opener |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Career Arc: Bill Parcells — How a free-agent coach mastered the NFL |Grantland|

3 Weirdly Specific Things That Happen in Every Movie Trailer |Cracked|

10 People Correcting Grammar and Spelling on Porn Sites |College Humor|

9 games that were dramatically revamped in development |AV Club|

Searching “Why is my….” in Google from A-Z might surprise you |The Chive|

The ‘Most Influential’ Comedians Of 2013 |HuffPost Comedy|

10 Hot New Faces That Will Make Your Summer Moviegoing Experience Downright Sizzling |Pajiba|

One Man, Three Bottles of Lemon Juice |Clip Nation|

The Uncensored Crazy 88 Fight Scene from Kill Bill |Unreality|

Kate Upton Might Soon be a Movie Star |Brobible|

Rihanna’s Not Pregnant |The Superficial|

20 Anticipated Films of 2013 Tribeca Film Fest ||

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