Morning Links With A Baby, Baby, Baby

05.28.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

Good day, boys and girls. Papa Vinnie’s got a bit of the pasta fagioli flu, so Chodin and I are back to tag team your sisters today’s top movie stories for you. And you all have my solemn word – there will be absolutely no Channing Tatum posts. Except for the one later in the day.

From the wonderful world of Uproxx:

Check out Slothrop’s breakdown of the Twitter freak show. Uproxx

They say all you need is a chip and a chair. I just thought that meant to score with fat chicks. With Leather

Nintendo Wii gives you wings, Red Bull’s lawyers disagree. Gamma Squad

Soulja Boy continues to make friends (I suggest the comments section). Smoking Section

This reaction to the American Idol finale is acceptable. Warming Glow

And beyond!

How do soccer players get the hottest girls when they don’t use their hands? Bleacher Report

Kendra Wilkinson made a sex tape, in case you live on Mars. BURN. Drunken Stepfather

Researcher finds genetic link between dog breed and aggression. Your dog does NOT want Gattaca. Fark

Animators don’t have much job security. TV Squad

Despite what Vince says, zombie movies are wonderful. Inside Movies

More fun with hot nerdy chicks. Dorkly

No Cowboy Carl? Fine, see if I care. Guyism

Iron Baby is the best video I’ve seen since that Kendra Wilkinson link. Comics Alliance

Ozzy Osbourne still scares people. Urlesque

American presidents are sometimes wealthy. Asylum

I prefer lifesize cutouts. Gunaxin

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