Morning Links, with Cat Photobomb

via Buzzfeed’s 25 Pictures of Dogs and Cats Photobombing Each Other

7 Sweet Custom Painted Mario Sneakers |Gamma Squad|

Who Cut the Cheese? Movie Poster Expressions that Could Be Mistaken for Passing Gas |UPROXX|

This Week in Posters, starring Angry Danny Trejo in a Cosby Sweater |Film Drunk|

NBC Picks Up Snoop Dogg’s Sitcom |Warming Glow|

5 Reasons The Angry Birds Soccer Video Is Great, And 5 Ways to Make It Better |With Leather|

Blake Lively is banging Ryan Reynolds now. |TheSuperficial|

What are you going to be for Jesusween? Speaking as a big Ween fan, I’ll be celebrating Weenween. |Videogum|

Anna Faris’ husband Chris Pratt gave their cat away on Twitter |FARK|

10 bizarre things you can pay to smell like. |MentalFloss|

Your odds for tomorrow night’s UFC. |CagePotato|

The 7 sleaziest drug dealers in film. |ScreenJunkies|

This reporter deserves an Emmy for retarded face making. |GorillaMask|

The Westboro Baptist’s most ridiculous hate quotes. |HolyTaco|

FIRST LOOK: Patton Oswalt in The Heart She Holler|Adult Swim|

Nightmares Fear Factory: Your New Favorite Flickr Feed |The Daily What|

15 Movies Turned Into Product Placements |Unreality|

Now THAT Is Some Unfortunate Juxtaposition |NextRound|

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